Corporate Workshop & Employee Safety Training

Tsunami Self Defense Systems LLC is available to hold seminars, workshops and team-building events at your business. Show your staff and employees that you truly care about their safety and well-being by giving them the proper training.

Street Defense for Women

Empowers today’s women / girls to have the confidence and knowledge to “Be A Hard Target” in our far too often, dangerous world.

Street Smart Essentials

This is a straight forward, bare bones, approach to street defense for the average Joe or Jane needs to know to stay safe in today’s society.

Self Defense for Seniors

Predators target who they see as weak and an easy mark… we teach our older students ways to protect themselves and change some preconceived notions that criminals may have. Some of these classes include the use of a cane or other stability support devises.

Self Defense for K.I.D.S.

We teach younger students to tap into their intuition & listen to their inner voice about people and places that make them feel threatened.